Why Rinku Rajguru hit Rajeev Siddharth with a broom

Why Rinku Rajguru hit Rajeev Siddharth with a broom

Why Rinku Rajguru hit Rajeev Siddharth with a broomMumbai, May 8 (IANS) Rajeev Siddharth has revealed that there was a moment when Rinku Rajguru accidentally hit him with a broom while shooting for web series “Hundred”.

In the show, Rajeev is seen in the role of Shantanu, the love interest of the character played by Rinku.

Recalling the incident, Rajeev said: “For one of the crucial scenes, Rinku and I were to fight some goons who had forcefully entered my house. To fight them, we both were to pick-up anything available nearby to defend ourselves from them.”

“In the process, Rinku picked up a broom and hit them to keep them at bay, unfortunately and funnily, Rinku ended up hitting me with the broom by mistake. While the blow wasn”t hard enough to injure someone, it sure was strong enough to give me some bruises,” he added.

The actor continued: ”We all couldn”t stop laughing at what just happened but we quickly resumed the shot and finished it with no further casualties.”

The show is about a terminally-ill girl looking for thrills, who is hired to be an undercover agent by an ambitious female cop looking for a promotion. It tells their story as they get together to accomplish their own goal in 100 days.

In the series, Lara is seen as ACP Saumya Shukla, and Rinku is seen as the terminally ill girl. The show chronicles the misadventures of two women with opposite personalities, and is set against the backdrop of Mumbai, its chawls and gangs.

The show is co-directed by Ruchi Narain, Ashutosh Shah and Taher Shabbir. The cast includes names like Karan Wahi, Sudhanshu Pandey, Parmeet Sethi, Rohini Hattangidi, and Arun Nalawde. The eight-episode series is available on Disney+ Hotstar VIP.



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