Shweta Basu outlines the importance of Humour

Mumbai, Sep 30 (IANS) Actress Shweta Basu Prasad says humour is a great way to educate people about deeper issues.

Shweta Basu outlines the importance of Humour
Shweta will soon be seen in the role of Gudiya, a strong and confident girl who is proud of her dusky complexion, in Zee Theatre’s upcoming teleplay “Gudiya Ki Shaadi”. It is about how she copes when she loses her eyebrows on her wedding day.

“The standard for beauty that society has set is questioned in the play. I think humour is a great way to educate people about deeper issues, and “Gudiya ki Shaadi” achieves that. It leaves subtle hints about how society, relatives and even families in many parts of our country perceive girls,” Shweta said.

Shweta Basu outlines the importance of Humour
“To be educated, to get married at a certain age to look a certain way or behave in a certain way and make a big fuss about nothing, because people are mostly consumed by what others think. This cine-play tries to break that notion,” she added.

Shweta Basu outlines the importance of Humour
Talking about “Gudiya Ki Shaadi”, she said: “The cine-play is about how Gudiya a day before her wedding accidentally gets rid of her eyebrows, making her look ‘different’ I didn’t shave my brows hence a lot of make-up to conceal it. Which I think was my once in a lifetime experience, I don’t know when will be I offered such a unique role again which requires me without my brows on screen. I looked like Gamora from ‘Avengers’, except brown and not green… I have never done theatre so as an actor…it was a refreshing experience to read and block it like a play for about 10-12 days and then shoot the play like we shoot movies/series.”


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