People have adapted to the new normal says Ashna Kishore

People have adapted to the new normal says Ashna Kishore

People have adapted to the new normal says Ashna KishoreMumbai, July 15 (IANS) “Happu Ki Ultan Paltan” actress Ashna Kishore has resumed shooting for the comedy show with necessary precautions and safety measures. She feels that the COVID-19 scare is still there but people have adapted to the new normal.

“I have started working and others have resumed work too. So, I think they are taking proper precautions, and then they are stepping outside their houses. But just in case people are going out just for the sake of fun, then I think that’s bad because you never know where you can get the infection from. Normal life has been twisted a little, so if you want to enjoy this new normal, please take all precautions,” she said.

Since the news of the outbreak surfaced, it has been advised to maintain social-distancing. The actress feels that people who are not following it are not just putting themselves at risk, but their families too.


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“I have seen a lot of people not following social-distancing, which is neither good for them nor for their family. I feel it is very dangerous because if someone gets infected, he or she will put others at risk too. Unless and until all of us follow the precautions, we are just increasing the risk of infection. It’s better to do good things and influence others,” she said.

Ashna also feels that we need to learn to live with Covid-19 now and should maintain a hygienic life to avoid any risk of infection. She said: “I think people should live a hygienic life, and it is a must especially these days. We should wash our hands frequently and should always take a bath whenever we come back from somewhere. And if you are stepping out, you should always carry a mask, gloves and if not gloves then carry a sanitiser.”


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Though she admits that coronavirus outbreak has increased the workload, she looks at it as a positive change. “I feel it is good because now I am more sure of my things, even when I go to the sets I make sure I sanitise my whole stuff whether it’s my makeup or my hair brush or comb or my bed or my drawer. I know that the production team takes care of all these things but still for my satisfaction and my safety, I do it. So, I feel it is good because it has made us hygiene conscious,” she said.



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