Deepshikha Nagpal strolls down memory lane, recalls joy of pregnancy


Deepshikha Nagpal recalls joy of first pregnancyMumbai, May 29 (IANS) Deepshikha Nagpal went down memory lane and recalled the joy of her first pregnancy while shooting for “Vishnu Puran” in 2004.

Recollecting memories of those days, Deepshikha recalls memorising lengthy monologue that she had to deliver at one go.

However, her fondest memories are when she found out she was pregnant, two months into the shoot.

Recalling those moments with absolute delight, Deepshikha said: “I remember being pregnant with Vivaan while shooting for ”Vishnu Puran”. Being a spiritual person at heart, I believed the positive vibes associated with this show would bring out the much needed positivity within me and my child.”

“It also worked well for me because I was quite slim and my belly did not really show much of the baby bump right till the last few months where the shots were adjusted accordingly,” she added.

The cast and crew pampered her and took extra care of her on the set.

“To be honest, I never felt the absence of my parents and being on set was like being at home. I also had a few members of the cast always offering me home-cooked food or to pick and drop me back home because during my last trimester they were concerned that I might go into labor while driving back,” she said.

“I was so comfortable shooting throughout, that the only time I decided to take a break was when my delivery was due. I got back to work as soon as I was medically allowed. In fact I even got my child along to the set. This whole experience has been a blessing in disguise and I am glad to have had the entire cast and crew hand hold me throughout this stage,” she added.

“Vishnu Puran” currently airs on Zee TV.



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