Akshay Oberoi is happy to play a different ‘ antagonist’ in Flesh

Akshay Oberoi has a ‘dark, diabolical’ surprise for fans

Akshay Oberoi has a ‘dark, diabolical’ surprise for fansNew Delhi, Sep 4 (IANS) Akshay Oberoi is happy that he got to play an antagonist who is different from most baddies shown on screen in the past.

In the new digital series, “Flesh”, Akshay plays Taj, a sociopath whose wicked manoeuvres are pure evil.

Talking about it, Akshay told IANS: “First of all, the antagonist is always shown as a manly, huge, tall, muscular guy…taking cue from Gabbar Singh and all. That’s the kind of antagonist that we show (in India).”

“Here (‘Flesh’), you had an equally menacing and terrifying antagonist but one who wears makeup and styles his hair. It’s a different kind of a person. We haven’t written parts like this in India.”

Playing Taj was different for the actor. He learnt Bangla, styled his hair with white streaks and owned eccentric clothes.

“There were so many things that I got to develop for the character. There were so many nuances that I got to bring to the table, and very little of me is there,” he said.

Source: IANS


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